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Yeoville Market Spruced Up

 MG 8427

The long awaited completion of the Yeoville Market upgrades have been realised. Commuters and locals can now enjoy the newly refurbished facility for their routine shopping.

The Market which is managed by the Joburg Property Company (JPC), which manages the City of Johannesburg's (CoJ) property portfolio, is 20 years old and a refurbishment was required. There was also a need for more space to accommodate the growing number of traders who were on the waiting list to lease stalls. The entity invested in excess of R12 Million in the project which was done in two phases. The first phase started in May 2016 and completed in May 2017. "We completed the second phase which started this year in April, in September. It is standard procedure and our mandate to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of our facilities, for sustainability and safety", says Helen Botes, CEO of JPC.

The facility located at the corner of Bedford and Raleigh Streets, is made of bricks and concrete roof tiles on a timber roof structure supported by gumpole columns. It also has sheet-metal roof coverings on the verandas and in the main passageways and paved floors. The paving needed to be replaced in order to address stormwater drainage problems.

Some of the work done in the first phase included the repairing of roof leaks as well as new gutters and downpipes. The passageways were fitted with new roof coverings to provide cover during rainstorms. Also, male and female toilets were demolished and re-built. Lastly, the layout of stalls was redesigned to optimise space usage and improve efficiency. In total, 19 new stalls were built even one of which was converted from the pre-existing cold room which was not functional. There were traders who operated from an open area with just a table, while others had steel cages. New stalls were built with brick walls which allow the traders to operate in more secure facilities. The exposed electrical wires on walls which posed a safety risk to traders and the public were repaired in order to comply with municipal regulations.

The second phase of the upgrade began with the demolition of the stage canopy and stand to make way for 29 new stalls. The pre-existing stalls which total up to 138, were fitted with new lights and re-painted. The wall on Bedford Street was damaged due to water leakages had to be demolished and re-built. The newly built walls have waterproofing and buttressing walls for additional support.

"The renovations will make a huge impact in attracting more customers. This will now be a more viable economic space and the additional stalls mean job creation for the community", says Sebastian Zaremba of the Yeoville Market Traders Committee Member.

 MG 8432

Yeoville has for many years been known as one of the most vibrant and multicultural places in Johannesburg, with people commuting to enjoy the variety of entertainment from restaurants, pubs and markets, including the Yeoville Market. "JPC is committed to support the CoJ's priorities to revitalise the Inner City for small enterprisers to operate in safe buildings and facilities", added Botes. JPC is currently verifying stalls in all its markets to ensure compliance with by-laws.

The trading hours are from 7:00 -20:30 pm and there is 24 hour security.

For more information, please contact:

Bliss Yeni
Telephone 010 219 9022
Website:, twitter handle @jhbproperty