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Next Technical Briefing Session Hosted by the JPC

In an effort to ensure that all technical parameters are adhered to when submitting investment proposals, the Joburg Property Company invites all prospecting investors to join the next technical briefing session to be held at the end of the month.

In ensuring the relay of comprehensive technical information, providing for an interactive opportunity for interested investors to probe for more information, as well as encouraging an inclusive and comprehensive application, the JPC looks forward to welcoming prospecting property investors to join the next technical briefing session taking place on Friday the 30th of November 2018 from 10h00 to 11h00 at the Old Council Chambers, at Metro Centre, 158 Loveday Street, Braamfontein.

Technical briefing sessions are provided for on a monthly basis to ensure that these Supply Chain Management lead briefings offer interested parties with adequate clarity and the opportunity to address any queries that they may have related to property prospects and specific technical requirements pertaining to current property investment opportunities that exist in the City of Johannesburg. 

While these sessions are non-compulsory briefings, they create an ideal platform for interested parties not only to gain clarity but to participate in a Q and A session providing for an appropriate way to source clarity and precision on how best to apply with greater success.

This month’s technical briefing session will address the opportunities currently available as part of the 71 Inner City Properties Project as well as 13 additional properties that were initially advertised earlier this year but still remain available due to non-compliance by initial responder submissions. 

Such technical briefings are beneficial to responders in ensuring technical compliance, which are required by law to be adhered to. As in the case with the additional 13 investments that are still available, in support if ensuring respondents are successful, the JPC offers these regular sessions with the hope to improve application success rate. 

Taking into account the 71 Inner City Properties coupled with the 13 properties that have been re-advertised takes the number of investment opportunities to 84 and an anticipated 500 buildings available for tender. 

Departing from the JPC’s Braampark premises at 09:30 on the specified date, site visits will commence shortly after the monthly briefing sessions and will allow interested parties access to the various properties offering a more clear perspective of the premises initially made available in the prospectus (available for download on the JPC website here). Tender documents are also available free for download from the JPC website but will be charged for when collected from the JPC premises in person. For any further queries please contact the Client Servicing Unit via email on or call 010 219 9000.