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About the Joburg Property Company

Who we are


The City of Joburg Property Company SOC Ltd (JPC), established in 2000, is a dynamic company mandated to manage and develop the City of Johannesburg's (CoJ) property assets for the purpose of maximising both social and commercial opportunities for the Council.

Dedicated to finding solutions to the developmental challenges facing the City of Johannesburg, the JPC utilises council-owned land assets to leverage private sector investment in public infrastructure. The JPC, on behalf of the CoJ, provides Property Asset Management, Property management (Commercial), Property Management (Social), as well as Facilities Management and Maintenance Services; and its relevant subsidiary services.

Consequently, the JPC ensures that economic growth and job creation occur to address socio-economic disparities and legacies of discrimination and inequality.

Therefore the JPC prides itself as the arm responsible for maximising the social, economic and financial value of the CoJ’s total property portfolio and enhancing its efficient use of property to drive investment, economic growth and job creation. The JPC aims to achieve its objectives by focusing on the following imperatives:

  • Realising value (social, financial and economic) for the CoJ;
  • Supporting economic development and aligning the CoJ property portfolio with CoJ priorities;
  • Increasing the effectiveness of economically viable municipalities and social use of properties; and
  • Management of risk and return with respect to the property portfolio and property
    transactions for the CoJ.

Vision, mission and priorities


To provide property and facilities management, property development, property asset management services, land strategy, acquisition and stewardship in order to maximise the social, economic and financial benefit to the CoJ and support the CoJ’s delivery objectives on a cost competitive basis.


JPC is the manager of the property assets of the City of Johannesburg, responsible for maximising the social, economic and financial value of the CoJ’s total property portfolio and enhancing the efficiency of its use.

JPC will provide asset management, property and facilities management, property development services and land strategy, acquisition and stewardship to the CoJ, as well as interact with the general public in respect of this portfolio.

JPC will support the achievement of the CoJ’s strategic priorities, including economic and social development and the service delivery objectives of the CoJ.


Company values have become an ethical foundation for all organisations and are therefore fundamental to the JPC’s success. Such values are not just important but crucial to the overall ascendancy of JPC. The following values were identified and adopted by JPC:

  • Professionalism;
  • Accountability;
  • Responsibility;
  • Customer Service and
  • Trust.

Our strategic objectives

We have identified seven strategic objectives:

  • Support economic development utilising the City of Johannesburg’s property portfolio;
  • Support community development through using the City’s property portfolio;
  • Support the Housing Master Plan and delivery through the use of the City’s property portfolio;
  • Support environmental programmes and initiatives in the management of the City’s property portfolio;
  • Establish land strategy, land acquisition and land stewardship in line with the City of Johannesburg’s priorities;
  • Ensure financial sustainability; and
  • Ensure good governance and a professionally managed company.

Sustainability vision

Our sustainability vision is to ensure there is efficient management of planning, acquisition and disposal, operation and effective maintenance and growth of Council-owned properties.

To do this, we focus on:

  • Better decision making: capital expenditure decisions should be based on rigorous and fully documented economic appraisals that take into account benefits and risks as well as financial parameters.
  • Improved planning and budgeting: the planning process helps identify gaps between existing assets gaps and assets required and also helps in budgeting process.
  • Improved reporting: reporting on service delivery potential, continued service delivery needs and economic viability.
  • Asset management planning: a central asset planning and control data repository.
  • Sweating of fixed assets: design assets in the most cost effective and operation efficient way.
  • Asset classification: asset class reflecting needs rather than reporting requirements.
  • Building efficiency: efficient asset life cycle operational and maintenance costs
  • Portfolio growth: have a long term vision of future utilisation of developable land.

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