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Projects overview

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Start Construction

Construction Completed

Soweto Hospice, Diepkloof

2000m2 hospice building and wards


29 June 2007

Worldwear Shopping Centre, Fairland

20 000m2 retail centre


19 September 2007

Mofolo North Residential, Soweto

50 unit gap residential development


17 January 2008

FNB/Wesbank Head Office, Fairland

70 000m2 "groundscaper" new corporate office for FNB and Wesbank


17 March 2008

Dale Lace Village, Westcliff

36 unit upmarket townhouse development


09 April 2008

Pan Africa Shopping Centre, Alexandra

16 000m2 retail centre


01 November 2009

Soweto Theatre, Jabulani

award winning professional performing arts venue


21 June 2012

Diepkloof Plaza Shopping Centre

20 000m2 neighbourhood retail centre


01 November 2012

Huddle Park Public Golf course

Refurbishement of municipal golf course


10 March 2013

Joshco Hostel Conversion, Orlando eKhaya

102 unit social housing development


30 June 2014

Potato Sheds Newtown

40 000m2  retail centre

01 July 2012

25 September 2014

Majestic Newtown

30 000m2 office development

01 July 2012

26 September 2014

Bara Central (Blackchain)


15 January 2013

30 June 2015

Bara Central

5000m2 retail development

15 January 2013

30 June 2015

Melville 27 Boxes

2 400m2 retail centre in converted  shipping containers

01 January 2015

31 July 2015

SA Holocuast Museum (Forest Town)

3 600m2 holocaust and genocide museum

01 July 2013

01 September 2015

UJ Soweto Campus Orlando eKhaya

20 000m2 campus expansion inlcuding academic buildings and student accommodation


01 October 2015

Jabulani  Manor,  Soweto

560 unit high density development 22 400m2


Melrose Crossing Shopping Centre

8 000m2 retail centre


Orlando Towers, Orlando eKhaya

Extreme heights centre comprising two old cooling towers that offers bungee jumping, a tower swing and internal tower swing. Also has a restaurant



Joburg Property Company Joburg Property Company Joburg Property Company

New Council Chamber a Symbol of South Africa’s Economic Transformation

According to a recent study conducted by the United Nations (UN), South African cities have experienced the biggest growth over the past 65 years. By 2030, predictions are that Johannesburg will be the 34th biggest city globally. The new state-of-the-art Council Chamber that is currently under construction will form both the nucleus of Johannesburg’s new Metro Centre and be an emblem of this city’s transformation into an economic empire.

In the abovementioned UN report, it was stated that South Africa’s urban population is growing larger and younger. By 2050, nearly 80% of the country’s population will live in an urban area.

Although urbanisation can potentially create challenges in terms of the demand it places on basic services, it creates various opportunities –it can reshape the lives of people and communities residing in these cities through economic transformation.

CoJ sees urbanisation as a corner stone of economic growth and development.  South African citizens will see a tangible symbol of this economic transformation rise in the heart of Johannesburg.

The progressive Council Chamber that will form the core of Johannesburg’s new Metro Centre, built with the sole purpose to improve service delivery to the city’s citizens. The project will be managed and implemented by the Joburg Property Company, a dynamic entity mandated to develop Johannesburg's property assets to ensure the maximisation of both social and commercial opportunities for the Council.

Growing Towards a Brighter Future
The current chamber was erected in the 1970s. Not only does it therefore represent an era that has been overcome by a democratic transition, but the out-dated technology and lack of space has become a hindrance to the Council. Since this building was erected, the number of Councillors has more than doubled to be representative of a truly democratic South Africa. 

By following an approved Office Space Optimisation strategy (OSO) for the new chamber, the Mayoral Committee believes that it will be able to uplift the residents and communities of this world-class African city in the following ways:

  • Improving service delivery by broadening access to the processes in the Council;
  • Increasing operational efficiency through improved utilisation of city-owned resources;
  • Centralising administrative activities in a well-equipped and modern premises;
  • Revitalising marginalised areas of the city;
  • Creating an urban environment that embodies the soul of the city – cohesion, efficiency, and sustainability.

Empowering and Employing Johannesburg’s Residents
Over and above the improved service delivery citizens will benefit from, this long-term project will also create more than 100 000 jobs, empower small- and medium enterprises, inject finances into industries such as construction and engineering, and develop skills through training programmes.

The new chamber will therefore encapsulate much more than a political premises – it will be a venue that welcomes all to experience the hub of this progressive city. As a symbol of a united and transformed Johannesburg, both the exterior and interior will pay tribute to South Africa’s diverse cultures yet united vision. Although this venue will incorporate cutting-edge technology, adhere to green building-principles, and utilise OSO’s strategic fundamentals, it will not forego the city’s roots. Local artists will be commissioned to create hand-crafted artworks that truly represent this inspiring African city – a city rich in cultureand wealthy in ambition.

Joburg Property Company
Joburg BPO Park

Joburg Property Company
GaNoka New Town, Diepsloot

Joburg Property Company
Jerusalem 3: Erf 1226/4 Fairland

Joburg Property Company
Marlboro Station Precinct
Joburg Property Company
Orlando eKhaya
Joburg Property Company
River Park, Sandton
Joburg Property Company
Soweto Golf Estate, Pimville

Jabulani CBD

The Jabulani CBD was originally earmarked as the CBD of Soweto in the original planning of township but due to the restrictive policies of the time, remained only vacant land until 2006.

JPC responded to the challenge of township revitalization and transformation  by packing and preparing the 35ha council landholding  with a vision of creating a vibrant CBD.

JPC has contributed to the revitalisation of Soweto in a number of nodes across the former township including Orlando eKhaya, Kliptown and Dobsonville.  The Jabulani CBD is however a key node.  It is identified as the key investment node in terms of COJ spatial planning strategies as a well as a key provincial node in terms of national treasury’s neighbourhood revitalization program. 

The Jabulani CBD, located in 35 km from Sandton in the heart of Soweto, has seen rapid growth since 2006, including the R320 million (40 000 m²) Jabulani Mall and the 300 bed Jabulani Provincial Hospital. The area boast excellent transport linkages, with a Metro Rail train station and a proposed BRT route.

JPC developed a property plan to guide the development of council owned land

A breakdown of the developments undertaken to date

Soweto Theatre R140 Million
Jabulani Residential Estates R 230 Million
Cultural Precinct Upgrades R20 Million

In support of this growth the Joburg Property Company (JPC) has facilitated the development of a 36 hectare precinct comprising of ten separate development sites, with 200 000m² with a value of about R3Billion. The development will include:

  • 18 000m² of new retail
  • 30 000m² of offices, hotels and other commercial uses
  • 3 500 mixed income residential units.
  • A 3.5 hectare cultural precinct including the Soweto Theatre

The high density, pedestrian orientated development will feature a high quality public environment including pedestrian pathways, street furniture and public art, focused on a central public park.

The development of precincts takes a long time.  Development started in 2010 with the first housing development and the Soweto Theatre. It is expected that the full development of the precinct will take another 5 to 10 years to complete.

The immediate developments are:

Jabulani Brooke Residential Development – to be completed 
Jabulani  Amphitheatre 

Once off sales income was derived from the sale of residential land. 

Over 2000 temporary construction jobs have been created to date and over R40M has been spent on SMMEs.  A strong focus has been placed on procuring local emerging contractors.

Future short term developments including the next residential phase and the Bolani Mall development should result in future investments of over R300M with over 500 new jobs.

Potato ShedDownload high-res imageIn a bid to leverage R5 billion private sector investment during the 2008/09 financial year, the following major projects have been implemented in and around the City:

  • Jabulani - An amount of R3.5 billion in development has been awarded and contracts have been signed. The development includes the refurbished amphitheatre, parkland, public art, public amenities and the Soweto Theatre, as well as the development of retail, office, industrial and residential space.
  • Newtown - The tender for the R900 million development of the Potato Sheds building has been awarded through tender. This modern high-density mixed-use and arts centre includes a 35 000m2 retail centre, as well as a 180-room hotel with a gymnasium and conference facilities, and basement parking.
  • Potato ShedDownload high-res imageNewtown - A tender for the amount of R57 million has been awarded for the development of the Majestic building - a unique mixed-use development comprising retail space and corporate office space.
  • Newtown - The tender for the development of Site 6 Newtown for R316 million has been awarded. This is a dynamic mixed-use development featuring a world-class hotel for business and leisure travellers, a conference centre and gym, as well as retail space and basement parking.
  • Sandton - The tender for the R4 billion development at the Sandton Gautrain Station (Erf 535) has been awarded. The development of a multi-nodal transport exchange also includes the development of retail, office, hotel and residential space.

Potato ShedDownload high-res imageThe total investment generated is R9.216 billion which is almost twice the targeted private sector investment.

Other major projects in various stages of planning and development include:

  • Site 2 Central Place in Newtown – a R52.6 million development incorporating 608 m2 of modern office space, as well as 4 159 m2 of retail space.
  • Barra Central Redevelopment - a R100-million public environment upgrade of the Bara Central node into a vibrant high-density mixed-use destination including a new underground 300 car parkade, a new public square with artwork and upgrade of the streets, expected to attract private sector investment of R140 million.
  • Potato ShedDownload high-res imageDiepsloot South Development - An investment of R1.6 billion is expected to yield a commercial development spanning 287 663 m2, including office, retail and industrial space, as well as 6 260 residential units, three primary schools, a secondary school and a community park.
  • Orlando eKhaya precinct - covering 300ha in Soweto, the project features multiple development sites, including Isango Waterfront Mall; Elangeni Waterfront; Elangeni Events Stage; Orlando Bridge; Orlando Towers; University of Johannesburg Soweto Campus; Katavi Orlando Villages and Joshco - Orlando Hostel Conversion.