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City of Joburg honours young Artists

To:All Media

Date: 05 October 2017

City of Joburg honours young Artists

The City of Johannesburg’s new council chamber was filled to capacity on Monday 02 October 2017. Every seat was occupied, but this time it was not councillors who were in the chamber, it was the proud parents and 134 artists whose totems were chosen to decorate the chamber.

The Joburg Property Company (JPC), the managers of the City of Johannesburg property portfolio, recently took some of the 134 artists whose artwork decorates the new council chamber on a tour.

“The totems by these young artists are placed in here to remind those who use this place that their decisions don’t only affect them but the people of Johannesburg too,” said Speaker of Council Cllr Vasco da Gama

Initially, 570 residents submitted their artwork but only 134 were chosen, with the winners’ ages ranging from the ages of 6 to 50 years, all from different communities to promote diversity.

In order to represent all seven regions fairly, between 10 and 25 designs were selected per region. The totems surround the walkway inside the chamber, with each artist’s name engraved on their totems.

“The totems and your names will be there forever. Maybe one day one of you will be sitting in this very chamber with their totem across the room,” addedDa Gama

The totems are 2 meters tall, 80cm wide and 200cm deep. It took the designers 16 hours to create and carve one totem that is a total of 2 144 hours.

“The artworks are there to tell the story of the people of Johannesburg. They express the young artist’s thoughts and emotions, concluded Cllr Da Gama.

Each of the 134 artists was given a certificate one in in full view of their beaming parents

Best Regards,
Zaheera Walker
Assistant Manager: Communications
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